Terms and Conditions

Order Confirmation and Payment

The majority of our orders are handwritten and, it is the customer’s responsibility to review the order for accuracy and report any discrepancies in product, quantity, shipping information, etc. Inaccuracies must be reported within 48 hours of order placement.

All orders from Adams Furniture require a 50% deposit to begin production. The remaining 50% is due prior to shipment. Adams Furniture accepts cash, check and all major credit cards. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please be sure to contact us directly regarding any pricing questions or concerns.

Lead Time

Our average lead time for production is 6 weeks. This can change slightly throughout the year, so please be sure to confirm with us if you are trying to hit a specific date. We will do our best to accommodate you! Please keep in mind that this lead time does not include shipping/transit time.

Return & Exchange Policy: Custom Orders or Made to Order Products (Furniture)

The majority of our orders are custom; this allows you to specify the exact size and specifications you desire. We work with you individually on each order to ensure that we achieve your vision. We understand that buying custom furniture is a big decision and we work with every customer to set clear expectations of quality, wood character, color, and delivery timing prior to processing your order. At minimum, a verbal approval and payment is required before we begin any custom work. Upon receipt of your payment we will begin your custom project. Your project’s delivery date will be finalized once payment is received. Your completed project will be shipped once all balances are paid in full, no exceptions. Custom orders are non refundable following the 72 hour grace period from the time that payment is received. Due to the unique nature of custom pieces, all sales are final on custom orders and made to order products.


We want you to be completely happy with your new furniture and we stand behind our products. Each Adams Furniture piece is handcrafted to the highest standards of care and commitment to quality. If you are displeased with a product you have received we will work with you to resolve the issue, however, many characteristics of natural wood are subjective. Should our furniture fail because of workmanship or a failure of the wood materials, we will either repair or replace it. Repair or refund is at the sole discretion of Adams Furniture.

Furniture Delivery

Once your furniture is ready for shipping, it can take an additional 1-4 weeks until delivery to our East Coast customers. When your furniture is delivered, it is absolutely essential that you fully inspect the product prior to signing and accepting the order. If you accept a damaged shipment you take full responsibility for the cost of the repair or replacement as well as any return shipping charges. If in doubt, inspect the shipment while the carrier is on location and immediately photo document the area in question. This includes major breakage, scratches, chips, splinters and abrasions not intended in the original product construction. If you reject the shipment due to damage, the cost of the return shipping will be covered by the carrier. Adams Furniture will repair or replace your damaged or defective furniture at our cost and/or give you a full refund as long as you have followed these return instructions. Repair or refund is at the sole discretion of Adams Furniture. The customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the furniture will fit into your delivery location. Unfortunately, furniture may not be returned to Adams Furniture due to complications regarding physical delivery of your order. Adams Furniture will not issue refunds in the event that the furniture does not fit in your space.

Wood Characteristics

All measurements presented on this web site and contained within your order details are estimations only. Wood is a natural material that will expand and contract during the cycle of a calendar year. Changes in humidity and prolonged exposure to sun, water, and air will affect natural wood products. Each piece of furniture we produce is individual. We use a variety of woods and cannot guarantee that any two pieces will be identical. This applies to individual pieces of wood, knots, wood/stain colors, “character marks” such as nail holes, scratches, and open cracks, etc. Our furniture is non returnable due to wood movement, knots, nail holes, open cracks, dimensional qualities, and other natural features of solid wood construction.

Color, Stains, and Matching

At Adams Furniture we offer the ability to choose exactly what you desire for color, stains and finishes but we cannot guarantee that every board or square inch of your furniture will match an approved sample exactly. Wood is a natural material that varies in grain pattern, color, and texture from inch to inch. We offer no guarantees for color matching and our furniture is non returnable due to color, stain, paint, and matching issues.


Samples are intended for grain, texture, and color approximations. Wood is a natural material and can vary significantly from board to board. Adams Furniture makes no guarantees that our samples fully represents the variation expected across the species chosen. Our products are non-returnable due to variation between samples and final products.