Terms and Conditions

Our policies and procedures have been refined from years of experience. They allow maximum discounts and excellent
service simultaneously. This formula equates to the type of enthusiastic customer satisfaction that gains your confidence
and allows us to continue to grow by your continued patronage and referrals. Adams Furniture collects North
Carolina sales tax only. Any other sales/use tax due is your responsibility to pay.
PRODUCT: Wood is a natural product with individual characteristics and variations. Natural markings and finish
variations must be expected due to variations in the climate throughout the manufacturing process and the individual
properties of each piece of wood. Published dimensions are approximate and are intended for reference only.
TERMS OF DELIVERY: Estimated delivery dates are to be calculated from the date of the sales order being
forwarded to the manufacturer. We are not responsible for manufacturer’s delays. A delivery date will be estimated in
accordance with the manufacturer’s acknowledgement and delivery dates are subject to change without notice.
Cancellations cannot be accepted because of manufacturer’s delays. A manufacturer can change or redesign any part or all
of a piece of furniture without notification to improve the quality or integrity of the product. We cannot be held responsible for these types of changes.
METHOD OF DELIVERY: Upon completion, your order will be placed with a third party carrier. You will be
notified of your confirmed delivery cost and date by the carrier, not Adams Furniture. All shipping costs are
the responsibility of the customer. Adams Furniture provides the customer with a delivery estimate, not
delivery price. Unless you choose otherwise, your delivery is a full service set-up. Adams Furniture is not
responsible for delays by the carrier. If you choose to collect your furniture from our premises, be prepared to inspect the
furniture prior to leaving our premises. Please bring straps and pads to ensure the safety of your goods in transit. Adams Furniture will not provide pads or straps for you. No return or claims for damage will be accepted after the furniture is in your possession. Adams Furniture is not responsible for tying down goods to customer vehicles and will not be held responsible for damage caused by the customer during the loading process.
CUSTOMER REPSONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to check your order for accuracy. Unless we hear
otherwise, your order will be delivered as written. All merchandise leaves Adams Furniture’s facilities in first-
class condition, as evidenced by the carrier’s signed acceptance. Adams Furniture is not liable for loss or
damage of furniture made in transit. We insist that you inspect all of your order for any damage whilst the delivery truck
is at your home. In the event of damage that cannot be repaired by the delivery service, we request that you contact
customer service to discuss the best procedure for correcting your specific problem. Note the exact problem on the Bill of
Lading. Damages that are not noted on the Bill of Lading upon receipt of the furniture will not be honored. If damage is
discovered after the delivery service has left, contact the delivery company as soon as possible. If the problem cannot be
resolved by ordering a new part, hardware, etc., it will be the customer’s responsibility for all shipping charges. No
exceptions. Repairs or replacement is at the discretion of the manufacturer. A factory defective item with major problems
should be refused and returned for inspection. As long as you pay your delivery charges in full at the time of the original
delivery, the repaired/replacement piece will be returned to you at no additional cost. Adams Furniture is not
responsible for furniture that will not fit in your house and will not exchange the item for another or sell the item for you.
If it is difficult to maneuver or set a piece of furniture in your home, we cannot be responsible for damage to your home.
WARRANTY CLAIMS: It is the customer’s responsibility to return the furniture to Adams Furniture at
the customer’s expense. Furniture is made to the quality standard of the manufacturer, not the consumer. Neither Adams Furniture nor the manufacturers guarantee the durability or wearing quality of fabrics, leather, vinyl, wood
or finishes. Any requests for cancelations or changes to an order must be made in writing. If an order cannot be
cancelled, Adams Furniture will retain one-third of the total dollar value of the order. If you refuse to accept an
order that cannot be canceled with the manufacturer, Adams Furniture will retain one-third of the total retail
value of the order. If the items have been taken to a carrier, you will lose one-third of the total retail value of the order.
Any piece of furniture sold off the floor is sol as-is and is not returnable.