Harvest Table

TGT-TB018  Harvest Table  W:78 x D:41 x H:30

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TGT-TB018  Harvest Table  W:78 x D:41 x H:30

Handmade with locally sourced solid timber

Available in different sizes

Available in different timber

Available in different finishes

6-8 week turnaround

Color matching available

*Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent dispairites in color and grain pattern. Because of variations caused by nature, over which the company has no control, Adams Furniture does its best to match the finish samples and grain examples provided. Adams Furniture does not guarantee an exact match to the sample provided due to the natural variation of the wood. Samples of grain pattern and color are matched to the best of our ability. Due to the natural variation in wood, each piece will have a variation in how it accepts the finishing process.